Wednesday, March 31, 2010


At the moment, all of our tools are in a mobile storage unit while the garage is being cleaned. I got another rake last week and I found a shovel, a sharp shooter, and a couple of buckets that were not in the garage at the time of the fire.

I just want to get to work. I want to build a chicken coop and a compost bin. I want to plant things. I want to move stuff around with my garden cart.

What I am actually doing is raking leaves and needles to add to the compost pile. I'm salvaging rock to put around various garden beds. I'm putting more sheet mulch in other places we'll have beds.

Also, I'm waiting for the compost to be delivered. Really, it's a bit early to be fretting over this, except that I want to plant lettuce next week, and the bed I want to put it in would benefit from some compost. And the compost really ought to sit there awhile before I plant anything in it.

I'm not sure when the berries and trees will be delivered, but I'm anticipating that as well.

In the meantime, the parsley is up. The gaillardia is up. As are the peppers, a few tomatillos, the lavender, the feverfew, and the daisies and leeks. Just be patient....

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