Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Treat

We had a lovely day outside. We went to the Amon Carter Museum and then to the Botanic Garden.

I really like the Amon Carter Museum; the permanent collection always surprises me. Today, my favorite painting was one of ships near a sandy coast as a storm is blowing in. I think it was a painting of Narragansett  Bay. I like the light in that painting. The children seemed to unanimously prefer the more "real" looking paintings over the more abstract, modern ones.

At the Botanic Garden, we saw some signs of spring, like the saucer magnolia had blooms beginning to open. We also found the hollow tree sort of like the house in My Side of the Mountain. There was a surprising amount of snow damage; some pathways were even obstructed.

Then, Grammy and Pops were willing to have the children spend the night.

And here's the treat-

I went out to dinner all by myself and I had Mexican food. There was an enchilada and half a taco and some rice with nice spicy salsa over the top and a few beans and some guacamole. That's definitely one thing I miss about Texas. But as I sat there, savoring my solitary meal, I was thinking about Vermont and wondering how well our plan will work and whether we'll get even half through it this year. I was homesick for cold wet, snowy Vermont as I ate Mexican food with the sun blaring in on a 65 degree spring day.

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