Monday, March 29, 2010

A bit of Excitement

On Saturday, we had chicken broth simmering on the woodstove. I often leave it there for hours at a time once I've brought it to boiling on the regular stovetop.

The children were in bed and Jason and I were playing a game with some friends who were spending the night when there was a sudden exploding sound and clang from the living room. We jumped up to see just what it was and in our mad dash, Jason slipped in the chicken broth that now covered the wall, hearth, stove, and floor. The pot for some reason had developed a seal and pressure built leading to a chicken broth volcano of sorts.

Jason was fine. The stove was cleaned and fine. The wall looks none the worse for wear. But we did laugh ourselves silly.

The other news is our newest addition- Nicodemus! Pictures to come...

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