Thursday, March 4, 2010

So far, so good

Our visit is going really well. We had a great, though brief, time in Cincinnati with the dear Domkes. We went to the children's museum there, and if you find yourself in Cincinnati with time on your hands I highly recommend that museum complex.

It was funny- as we drove I kept thinking we would see the end of the snow. But New York had lots of snow and that corner of Pennsylvania had lots of snow and there was still lots of snow as we started through Ohio. Then, right around Columbus, the snow seemed to decrease. Cincinnati had snow but still less. BY the time we got to Louisville, the snow was gone from the ground, but we were still driving in snowfall. Then the snow turned to rain by the time we got to Nashville. In Memphis, it had quit raining, but the clouds didn't break until we got to Texas. We saw a truly lovely sunset as we headed west out of Texarkana.

Some funny kid things-
Phaedra noted that Nirvana and The Pogues sound rough and angry, but Sinead O'Connor is sharp and stern.
Ezra pointed out just west of Texarkana that "There are lots more houses with wheels here."

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