Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Way Through a Day

When I left my sister's last week, I was very sad. I love her and my brother and his wife and my father and his wife and my aunt and my uncle and my cousins and Jason's family. I was struck this visit by our mortality and that each of these visits is all we have together. We made that choice and we're happy with it, but right at the moment of parting, it was very painful.

I was crying and unable to talk really when Sylvie asked what we were having for breakfast and Phaedra said she needed the bathroom and Ezra asked how far we were driving that day and Jason was looking for the coffee cups. I let go of my grief, and slipped into the everyday-ness of our family. That's the way I make it through the day. There is always the bad news, but there is also always the laundry.

"Before enlightenment, the laundry; after enlightenment, the laundry."

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