Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Kitchen

The kitchen does not come first if there's daylight and enough dishes to make it through this meal.

That's the new rule at our house in honor of the warm weather. It's kind of amazing to be as uptight as I am about cleaning, and how it just has not happened in the past couple of days. I do what has to be done to get outside or that is time sensitive. For example, I have been washing laundry very deliberately while the weather has been so nice so that everyone has a fresh, sun dried bed and the rugs are clean and the towels are all fresh- smelling. Also, while I had my five hours to myself this morning, I cleaned the floors; that job is SO much easier when I am the only one home.

Besides the floors, I met with the man who delivered our hoop house. It's laying in pieces in the chicken field just begging for us to put it together. We sorted through the mobile storage unit, taking pictures of everything that was too damaged by the fire that we would like our home owners policy to cover. And, we took the children to a friend's house for an Easter egg hunt. And then it was dark.

As I type this, I wonder why the dishes did not get done earlier, but they really did not. There just was not time to do that inside task on this beautiful, strangely warm spring day.

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