Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Miracle Worked Again

I put seeds into soil and less than a week later, little, tiny plants are poking out their wee heads.
These are peppers that I planted last Saturday. They are sitting on a warming mat close to the woodstove. I put plastic over them, too, to help keep them warm. Peppers like that.

This is the setup in the front window. There are starts for celeriac, leeks, broccoli, daisies, parsley, feverfew, lavender, and some other flowers.
And these are the little broccolis and there are little leeks, too.
Outside, when we got home last week, these were poking out of the snow. Phaedra took this picture yesterday. These are snowdrops, the first flowers of spring, as far as I know. They are very exciting.

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