Sunday, March 7, 2010

An interesting thing

(to me, at least)

As we go from place to place, seeing these people we know and love, I find myself sitting quietly and knitting.

One person on the first leg of our trip asked if I was excited to show people my most magnificent and perfect children (that's not a direct quote). I said I liked letting my children show themselves and excusing myself from so much interaction. And that's just what has happened.

I like listening to the stories the children tell, the pretend ones as well as the child versions of my own stories. I like the way they seem so confident as they engage these loved ones we see so rarely. I feel like I am able to keep up over the 2000 miles with long phone calls and occasional letters but the children do much better in person. Sylvie now knows the difference between Aunt G and Aunt Stacey; she knows Honey and Poppy are not both girls. Phaedra knows how Poppy is related to Aunt Caitlin. And Ezra just feels more certain of how he stands in the eyes of these important people. That's not my business.

I'm just facilitating. I want everyone to get a chance to spend time together, long enough to carry memories over the next stretch of time. So I'll quietly knit while the children get to know their family.

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