Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Good Tool

I've been trying to figure out how to praise all the tools I really appreciate, but I have not come up with a truly satisfactory way. So, I'll try an occasional post when I am feeling particularly pleased.

This post is about my shoes.

As the children and I were heading out to the car for our trek to Texas, I was quickly putting on a very functional, completely unloved pair of sport shoes. Jason pointed out there might be snow for awhile and that I should wear boots if I did not want to drive with wet feet. So, I grabbed my much-loved, fleece-lined boots and off I went.

I realized in Cincinnati that I did not actually pack those very functional shoes. I realized in Texas that I did not even pack my Birkenstocks. Indeed, the only shoes I have in Texas are the winter boots and these:

Since I've been here, these shoes have proved their worth. I've walked for hours around the Botanic Garden in them; I've dug a flowerbed; I've fetched and shoveled compost; I've walk a mile in a park; and I've felt pretty cute the whole time. My feet are not as happy as they would be if I had my Keen sandals with me, but nothing aches and the shoes look surprisingly good.

So, I'm raising a glass to my Dansko clogs.

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