Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Cold

This weekend, we'll have a high of 1 degree Fahrenheit on both days. That seems a little daunting, but it marks something important. It means spring is coming.

When we have a string of brutally cold days, one or two days up to three weeks by my estimate, it marks the pivotal moment of winter. It doesn't mean we'll see green grass any time soon, or that we can shed even one layer of wool. But it will be all the really cold weather and the trend will be ever warmer. In another month, we'll have highs that escape freezing, and in two more months we'll have days that never get that low. It means we're a month from starting a few plants, and two months from the crazy space finding mission for all the little seedlings.

Yes, the cold can be hard, the air brittle. But it's also really beautiful when we remember that it's fleeting. It is amazing for your nose hairs to freeze with every breath. The sky is a completely different color when the air is so cold; I guess it's a lack of humidity, but I don't know. We can see the stars better on these brittle nights. The fire is so lovely when the cold is creeping in at the window.

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