Monday, May 16, 2011

We're Back!

Not having internet at home has been an interesting experiment, and I've learned a lot. I learned how much more knitting and reading I do when I do not have internet access. I learned that I go to bed at least 30 minutes earlier. I learned that I feel a little cut off from people who prefer electronic communication. I learned that such people who do not love me dearly might find my little experiment very annoying.

I also pondered this whole blog thing. I mean, if you really want to know what's happening, you'd call me or write or something, right? Why should I bombard people with all this navel gazing? Who am I trying to please with all these mental meanderings? The truth is, some people only keep up with me through this little blog. They do not seem to realize that I cannot see them reading it and that a lack of comments leaves me feeling cut off from them, but they feel connected. And, I have a fine excuse to blather on. (do you know how many quotes there are in Bartlett's about the prattling of women?)

So, Jason has gone back to working for Nova Natural, and he gets to work from home, and we need to have the internet to facilitate that. And here I am. I hope you're happy to see me.


  1. So Happy! For me, it's that letters don't go fast enough. There's a lot that happens in between an exchange of letters. Especially at the pace at which we write them. But I, for one, will attempt to comment more.

  2. Thanks Caitlin! By the way, I enjoyed the tone of your most recent blog post.