Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Year Opens

Last weekend and this, we have pretty much sheathed the greenhouse. After some groping about for the right answer, we discovered the "cheap" answer for the endwalls- we reclaimed some waste greenhouse plastic from someone else's resheathed hoophouse  and cut and cleated the less-holey pieces onto our endwalls. Now, we're groping about for a good door solution. We have a plan we're moving toward, but as always happens with our plans, there is some wiggle room until the moment the door is hung.

The children have taken over most of the chicken chores, but I seemed to have claimed the chore of nagging the children to tend the chickens. Part of the deal is that they may keep the egg proceeds. I decided this morning that there is a surcharge if I feel I have had to be too involved in getting the chickens tended in a timely manner.

We start back to our school rhythm tomorrow, and I am ready to be embraced by that regularity. We have skating and skiing and dancing every week. We have a library group that is a book discussion for the older two and a story time for Sylvie. Our children's librarian is a blessing.

I'm trying a new way of presenting Ezra's school assignments for the week, a way that takes me out of the task master role. I've written his assignments for the entire week, and then I'm staying out of it. There will be "lesson times" when we'll do German and handwork as a group. We'll see how it goes. Maybe Phaedra would prefer a similar assignment list.

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