Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Why is a flowing cape the very best costume piece if you happen to be almost 5? And where did our children get their crazy sense of style? Why can't I find a picture of Phaedra dressed in a crazy way?

What are we going to do with this wood? Can we still split it? Is it even worth it? Should I save the apple prunings for firewood?

Did I prune these apple trees right? Is there some magic way to find out without waiting until spring? Is there some reason a person would plant apple trees on an exact north/south axis so that one would NEVER get as much sun as the other?

Why do my light-eyed children always get red eyes in snap shots? Can I just snap a picture and not have their eyes look red? Why don't the red eye tools actually work to my satisfaction? Should I make the girls wear brown contact lenses?

How can I trap snow here so this bit of land doesn't get so wasted? Should we cut down these pine trees that keep other things from growing? Can I get some ground cover here without cutting down the pine trees?

Is this where our leech field or septic tank is? Would that make snow melt faster? Where is the septic tank? What did we do with the little map to help us find it? When should we have it emptied? Where can we put an outhouse so the septic tank is less of an issue?

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