Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm the one with a plan.

It may be a bad plan or it may completely fall to pieces in the face of reality, but I have a starting point.

I spent six hours yesterday and Saturday assembling a seed order from Fedco.  I kept thinking about the amount of garden we have available and how much is "ready", and I worried I was selecting too many things.  Then I remembered that I'm trying permaculture, so it does not all have to fit in the garden.  Maybe the peppers can go in a bed along the southwest house wall where they will be warmer.  Maybe all the peas and beans can be trellised by the garden shed and woodshed.  The morning glories can definitely go by the garage door (OH! How I love morning glories!) The potatoes and tomatoes do not have ideal homes this year, but we can pick their home for next year and plant it in a soil building cover crop.  The winter squashes (especially the ones for fodder) can be planted down by the chicken field in that especially rich bit of soil by the decrepit barn.  Maybe next year I can try a melon or two.  Surely we have room for the onions I'd like to grow.  The herbs will be tucked just by this door in a bed I've already prepared. I'll let the kids plant most of the flowers. See- it will all work out.

Now, I have to figure out where to start all the things that would benefit from a head start.

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