Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

As we get farther into our second term, I'm thinking it's time to tackle some attitude issues we have in our homeschooling relationships.  Let me just admit that I am in a list making mood.  I got my lesson plan done, then I made a list of all the projects we have to do, and I assembled my seed order which is another list.  This week, I implemented a cleaning schedule (list) like I haven't had in about 5 years.  Life is just rocking along as I check things off my lists.  And I'm thinking it's time for this attitude molding.

The things that I would like to address this term are:
  • Ezra's need for attention and help resulting in a complete meltdown into pathetic helplessness. My current plan is to exude confidence in his ability while being too darn busy to help him just this minute.
  • Phaedra's recent adoption of the "I hate school" mantra.  Current plan is that she has to pay me for every infraction.  This chant is demoralizing to the group and harmful.  Though she is welcome to think it, she is indeed forbidden to say it.  More specific requests and complaints will be considered.
  • Sylvie's yelling every single thing she has to say.  Current plan is to gently remind her to not yell.
Perhaps, as you read this, you do not see attitude problems in at least the last two cases.  However, I assure you that these things negatively impact not just my attitude but that of the group as a whole.  As soon as I banned "I hate school", Phaedra forgot to grimace and snarl her way through her work.  Sylvie's genuine efforts to curb her volume make it much more pleasant to be with her, up close and personal, with no fear of an earful of Sylvie.

We'll see if I can check these off some list, and then add a few more.

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