Saturday, January 23, 2010

Off on My Own

Bright and early, just as the sun was coming up, I was headed east down 15. It was really beautiful this morning; the temperature was below zero and the sky was partly clear. The light looks somehow crisp and fragile on mornings like that. Then, as if hiding from the cold light, little errant wisps of clouds were tucked into the shadows of hills. By the time I was on 2, past Danville, the White Mountains were aglow. I somehow managed to stay on the road and make it to the Vermont Grazers Conference before things got underway.

It was a good day and I learned many new things. The most informative was a presentation by a fellow out of Jericho. He was explaining the benefits of raising beef and poultry on the same pasture, the poultry following the beef. He was clear and seemed very certain of why he was doing what he does. It made buying a cow this year seem a bit less crazy.

There was an ice cream social at the end with local, organic ice cream, but I was too ready to be home to mill around with a bunch of strangers. I had had lunch with the group, and it was a nice lunch, also made primarily of local foods. However, I kept thinking we looked like animals in a confinement operation, so I skipped the ice cream and headed home to tell my little group of people all the things I learned.

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