Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birds and snakes and airplanes, Lenny Bruce is not afraid

Jason called on one of his overnights in Williston this week to ask just exactly what we'll do if the economy collapses.  He really devotes quite a bit of time to this dilemma. I think some about it, but I'm much more likely to just do something, for better or worse.

I actually am coming to hate this question. However, it's worth some reflection.

I will feel much less distressed by the topic once we have successfully grown food enough to feed ourselves.  I will feel even better when we have a cow, some chickens, a fence, a small barn, and some knowledge of how to better deal with human waste. Our water supply is not dependent on electricity or oil, but I will feel better when we have it better maintained and we have a clearer understanding of how it comes from the hill to the house.

None of these things is a waste of time even if the economy and the rest of the world continue to merrily roll along. All are things I have wanted for a long time, separate from the worries of the day. The sense of urgency is a bit oppressive.

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