Monday, April 26, 2010

The Orchard

I'm lame with the pictures when I'm this tired, but I did plant 20 trees this weekend- 10 apples, 7 pears, 2 plums, and a cherry. The apples and pears are in the east field just one side of the elderberries, highbush cranberries, Juneberries, and nanny berries. As I was planting, I was thinking about how that field will look in 5 or 10 years, with taller trees arched gently towrd one another and the taller berry bushes behind them. The picture in my mind is pretty idyllic, unless I start wondering which trees will die.

The plums and cherry are in the back field, closer to the house than the chestnuts, but far enough out that they should not shade the strawberries or blueberries. Jason requested they be where he could see them blossoming from the dining room table- assuming they don't die.

I guess it's obvious what I'm worrying about.

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