Friday, April 30, 2010

An Homage to the Teachers I Fondly Remember

I have many memories of teachers I did not do so well with, but it's the ones that made an impact that bubble into my everyday even 30 years later.

A quick thanks to Mrs. Moore for just being kind as she seemed to know things were not quite right at our house.

A nod to Mrs. Babcock for being so pretty with her soft hair and pregnant belly. Thanks to Mrs. Swadley that year for mentioning to my parents I might be bored.

Here's a hooray for Mrs. Gambell for taking me and Erica Koenck and giving us a job since we were both too nerdy to be tolerated in homeroom.

Thanks Mrs. Glasgow for being so very cool as you slipped out for a cig.

Mrs. Meyer was so demanding and acerbically funny. I think of the medula oblongata almost daily.

To the blinking Mrs. Thornton for handling grief in an honest way.

To that recordkeeping teacher who took me home when I had the flu; these kindnesses matter.

Mrs. Bullard and Mr. Wallace still make me laugh as I stare out the window. The rumble of thunder or a loud sneeze can make me giggle.

I can still see Coach Smith blushing as he quickly covered human reproduction. Oh, and the frog dissection with all the eggs and that question about when a chicken's egg is actually fertilized.

The lovely Ms. Davis, sure of herself in her experience, lent a bit of her certainty to me.

Mrs. Goolsby believed everyone could write.

Mr. Disney introduced the idea of sensitive periods and the suggestion that juniors in high school might not have reached the window for physics.

That's who I think of and why as I deal with my three. May their lives have such characters.

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