Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lack of Flexibility

I just do not like surprises. For example I do not have to know what a particular gift is, but I will be really flustered if I did not know ahead of time that I was getting a gift. I am easily startled and will scream. I like to know how wide a set of variables can be, like it will NOT be 60 degrees at my house tomorrow but it COULD be somewhere from -10 to 40. I do not have to know exactly, but the parameters help me make it through the day.

That said- when something falls outside of the parameters or there is an unexpected something, I am able to take it in and keep moving, but I might not be happy about it.

And it looks like Jason will be at least one day late from Germany. One more day of solo parenting and housekeeping. One more day of Phaedra worrying about whether he'll be home for her birthday and discussing the probability of plane crashes. One more day of Sylvie puddling up as she smiles and says she's fine. There is a way in which that one more day suddenly feels like too much, never mind the other eight days we've done pretty well. Maybe we'll all call in sick and sit around and read all day tomorrow.

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  1. I miss you guys. Let's hope I make my flight tomorrow!