Sunday, February 7, 2010

I want Jason to Come home

Or- I don't know how single parents do this.

Jason left on Tuesday for Germany for work. He returns Wednesday, so I'm past the halfway mark. It has gone quite well; I think his overnights have helped me feel less stressed by the continuous "on duty" routine. My temper has been a bit short, but I keep reeling it in.

The thing is, despite how well things have gone, there are many things that just have not been done. I managed to do a bit of marketing on two occasions and I even have a menu for Phaedra's party, but the kids have had to put groceries away, because I forgot to do it. Also, just because I've been to the store twice and have a menu doesn't mean I actually have the food required for that menu.  Thank goodness she only wants tortilla soup.

Today, I managed to sweep the floor after I realized I was wading through soot from the stove, bits of wood and dirt from the stove wood, Elmer's sheddings, yarn scraps, paper scraps, crumbs and crumbs and crumbs. I normally sweep two or three times a day, but I just cannot get to it right now.

We're eating homecooking, but it lacks the flare Jason gives. Also, the children are tired of oatmeal for breakfast; I am not a morning person, so it's either eggs or oatmeal. When Jason is here, breakfast regularly includes biscuits or scones or the occasional blueberry muffin. I'll just admit I cannot imagine how he does it, but I'm looking forward to him taking over breakfast duty again.

I also did all the class running this week. So, I spent 2 hours Thursday driving back and forth to Earthwalk and three hours for fiddle on Friday and FIVE hours for ballet on Saturday. I always do the Earthwalk trip, but after ballet, I decided the children are going to have to give up at least one activity.

On top of that, when we got home Saturday, no one had done my chores for me. The breakfast dishes were waiting, the floor needed mopping, and I needed my husband to come home.

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