Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Pictures

Animals and Miscellany First-

Here is the hill in front of the house that we did so much tree cutting on this winter.

Here is the bad hen who will not stay in the fence and has eaten more than her fair share of broccoli plants. I believe I will gift her to someone.

Here is the tractor with the mower attached. I have mixed feelings, but it sure is fun to use.

This is Elvis. He is a very good rooster. He is a lace Wyandotte.

This is Jerry Lee. He is not a good rooster. He is a New Hampshire Red. Note his magnificent comb.

Look how big Chappy is. We haven't seen her nurse in a few days. Maybe Violet has finally weaned her?

Here is my a frame chick brooder/grazer. It is too cool and wet for them to be outside today. Did I tell you Esme killed one?

Here is the pile of wood ready to be stacked. Look! It's only June, and we have our wood.

Here is our new rain gauge. Today is Monday, and I emptied it on Saturday, so over 1.5 inches of rain in two days.

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