Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Plants

This borage is a volunteer, one of many. I was warned borage would do this, but I love how it looks and it's a good companion for potatoes and tomatoes. I've decided to appreciate it's self-seeding tendencies. It also means I do not have to start it; I can just transplant the volunteers.

See all the volunteers! See the tomato? Oh happy tomato!

Cucumber, lettuce, sunflowers, some day pole beans!

Chives in flower

Brussels Sprouts with onions and daisies


Rhubarb in flower; they smell bad

Beans and hot peppers

Beets coming up

Gilfeathers I'll have to thin

These butternuts may fill this bed if I can kill their predator

Potatoes, cabbage, peas in the background, cardboard mulching underway

Cabbage, fennel, tomatoes

Phaedra's radishes

One of my favorites

Black Raspberries are coming
Salad, chard, yarrow, bronze fennel, parsley, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, Oh My!

Peas are Blossoming

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