Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Carrots and Zinnias
 The greenhouse is looking good. I have made mixed beds as much as I feel like I can. It seems I've planted 86 tomatoes- more than fifty here and the rest in the garden. All the cardboard will be covered, but I need leaves or burlap. The paths will be covered with cardboard, then something more attractive over that. I dug trenches around the perimeter which we will eventually fill with pea gravel both to handle water that collects there and to store heat.
Tomatoes are the most obvious thing

But there's also cucumber, celeriac, and calendula here.

Here we have lambs quarters, carrots, broccoli, borage, and kale

Borage, tomatoes, and broccoli

beets and broccoli

This is watermelon and there are a couple of cantalope vines in another bed.

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