Monday, December 13, 2010

Worth Its Weight

 Jason was telling me a story about a farmer having to move a ton of corn by hand. I had a first flush of, “Wow!” but then I thought of my understanding of a ton in the last year.

Jason moved six tons of second cut hay in late summer. That’s 300 bales at roughly 40 pounds apiece. He moved them from a barn into a hay wagon and the pickup truck, and then together we moved them into the barn. We did that in three days.

We stacked an estimated 7 tons of wood- assuming seven pounds per stick (the wood was wet) and 2000 sticks.

Not to shrug at that farmer’s effort- I really know moving a ton of stuff is a big deal. I also know that bags of corn are denser and/or more regularly shaped that wood or hay. All that real knowledge that I carry in my body, not just in some abstract, is new to me.

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