Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Post about Opportunity Cost

As I write this post, I am not playing a game with my children. I am not taking a nap. I am not reading or cleaning or tending animals or taking a bath. I am not practicing guitar or finishing a Christmas knitting project.

I am thinking about choices we make and not whether they are bad or good, but whether they are worth all the things we are not doing when we engage in them. I like writing; I like feeling like my friends and family who are so far away have some notion of what’s going on up here in the cold, cold north; I like taking a little time to myself to reflect on some of our craziness.

On the other hand, television robbed too much time to be worth it to us. I cannot imagine which things I would like for the children to give up so that they have time to play educational video games. I like all the things I do in the evenings now that I do not get lost in computer land. I like that Jason is mentally available in the evenings in a way that he has not been since we moved from Austin to Fort Worth back in 1994. So, I’m not giving up the computer or internet entirely, but I’m glad to have reduced their hold in our house.

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