Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Music

I just like it. I like to really hoky songs, like Neil Diamond singing Little Drummer Boy. I like the old ones, like Bing Crosby. The newer ones sometimes do not work for me, but I do like the Carol of the Bells that Metallica did with TransSiberian Orchestra.

We start playing Christmas music on the first day of Advent and we listen to it until we take the tree down on the last day of Christmas.

The songs I always like: That Snoopy and Red Baron Christmas Bells song, So this Is Christmas by John Lennon, I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas by some lady with a really childish voice, Christmas Waltz and Look Out The Window by Gene Autry, Sleigh Ride.

The ones I've removed from our Christmas playlist- Freddy the Little Fir Tree, Poppy the Puppy, and Hardrock and Coco and Joe by Gene Autry and Oh Tannenbaum by Nat King Cole.

May you be blessed with Christmas Music you can tolerate.

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