Monday, May 24, 2010

What I See

The lettuces are coming up and we might actually be able to eat salad from the lettuce bed in another week.

I have been diligently watering a variety of sticks and almost all of them are showing signs of life like this raspberry. Do not ask about the gooseberries and mulberry tree; I am still operating on faith.

Here are the sugar snap peas and some of the trellis Jason built. These peas are so very slowly getting going. Maybe I did something wrong.

The beds I've outlined with mulch look so pretty to me. These are cabbage and beets, but they are not visible in this picture. Really, this was about a week ago, and only now are they poking their little heads up.

The apple blossoms are just beautiful! I wonder if we'll actually have any apples this year. In the late afternoon, these trees are humming with bees and other pollinators.

The rhubarb is also looking gorgeous. This is something we can eat NOW from the garden. For all of you who like very sour candy- this is the vegetable for you. Baked with a touch of honey is the way we like it.

I think the chickens are settling in, but I will admit I'm looking forward to a fresh flock. These ladies are disturbed by the moving from place to place because they had a different setup before. They now only peck eggs the morning after they're moved.

Look! We added a bedroom. The children have been sleeping out many nights and Ezra tried one chilly night to sleep under stars instead the orange dome. Morning found his sleeping spot abandoned for a nice warm bed.

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  1. I love the new bedroom. You MUST tell me who your decorator is.