Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We had friends who live in Canada come to visit over the past two days, and it was wonderful! (These friends are NOT Canadian; they've come to appreciate being American in the time they've lived in Montreal.) The children played, especially the three little girls, while the older daughter and we two mamas planted the potatoes and onions and some beets and some cabbage and one row of the oh-so-lovely Jacob's Cattle Beans.

Did you read that right? Yes! The potatoes and onions are finally all in the ground. It turns out the sheet mulching is doing exactly what it was supposed to. It turns out I did not have to dig up any more grass to plant the potatoes and onions. While I will still need to do a bit of digging to plant any small seeds (like beets and carrots and cabbage), those big seed things can go right in the mulch. Now- the question of the season! Will anything actually grow?

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