Monday, May 10, 2010

What I See

Despite the snow and cold and frost and unplanted garden- spring is here!
I know how hated dandelions can be, but when they all open in one great sweep and fill a world that has been so slowly greening from white and brown, from mud and cold, they are the most beautiful flower in the world. They can cover a hillside in a glowing yellow. They seem to cheer spring along as we head toward what seems a very distant summer.

(They also mean it's time to have potatoes in the ground. Guess who still has three varieties awaiting planting!)

This is an apple blossom! Isn't it beautiful? Look at the five leaves arrayed around the five blossoms that will open into five flowers that each have five petals that could make five apples each with a five pointed star in the center. I'm in love with the apple blossoms right now.

"A violet by a mossy stone
Half hidden from the eye
More brilliant than a star
When only one is shining in the sky."

Here are some more flowers. My yard in all it's strangeness is extra pretty at the moment and who can be discouraged when surrounded by flowers? They mean that life keeps pushing out.

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