Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Into the school year

All the extra-curricular things start this week. With three kids, that means we either do three times as much, or everyone agrees on the activity. Our family works better with the latter arrangement. So, on Thursday, we have one thing, on Friday another plus some socializing, and on Saturday, three hours of ballet. It's a little crazy, but really, it's only fiddle, dance, and one other thing. I bet most people would think that pretty mild, and then throw one or two sports in for good measure.

I do not like all the driving, but I really believe dance and music are good, and the older two are very definitely interested. (Sylvie is interested, too, but we do not do such structured classes for such little people.) The Thursday activity is a prime, fairly unstructured time for Ezra to socialize with kids his age and older. Next year, we want Phaedra to participate in the same program for the same reason. I can teach math and Norse mythology, but I'm not a peer.

Can you feel my tension building? Here's the problem- I do not want to spend every day of the week driving people to different activities. However, I also commit as a homeschooler to making sure the gaps in my curriculum (like playmates and music lessons) are filled some other way. These things are apparently mutually exclusive, and the second one takes precedence.

That's all. I'm just a little bummed that it's time to start driving again, but the children are thrilled. Phaedra has asked every day for two weeks, "How many more days until ballet?"

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