Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am not religious in a god way, but I believe in the greatness of the universe. I believe that there are things I cannot understand and that I do not need to understand. And, I believe no one can actually know, but this minute, right now, is all there is.

Still, I feel gratitude to someone or something for the beauty of my life. I had all that normal screwy stuff from childhood, but I would tell you it was mostly good. My mother is dead, but I feel her love every day. I am married to the exact right person. I live here.
We happened into Vermont and onto this land. We have met some really wonderful people here seemingly by chance. We seem to have landed in a welcoming community. Call it luck, call it grace, but it's good.

Sure, I have days when the last shoelace breaks and the plumbing is backed up and the keys are in Jason's pocket. Even then, I have so much good in my life that I end up laughing at my human frailty. I have to hope that this carries me through whatever it is we're wandering into next.

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