Friday, September 4, 2009

Break on through

Today, we sanded the floors. Jason laid these pine floors, Todd counter- sunk the nails, and now, we're almost done. I actually ran the sander. Jason was fretting about whether he could do it right, and I offered to take that risk. We used a 4 position orbital sander, so it wasn't too scary.

Things I learned today: Sanders are heavy. You can run a sander over a hole in the floor with no ill effects. You can angle the sander into the corner. Sanders are really very heavy. It's probably worth it to do the coat, sand, coat treatment if you want buttery smooth floors.

Tomorrow, we'll get the rest of the floors coated (we only did the kids' rooms today), and then we can finally move our stuff from the barn to the house.

Also, the dumpster man brought us another dumpster. We figure we can pretty easily fill it with the rest of the remodeling trash, the stuff from the basement, and the stuff from the barn. That will be the second dumpster we've filled. I hope not to leave so much crap for someone else to throw away.

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