Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What a Mess- The bathroom

This house on this gently rolling property is a mess. Today, as the carpenters pulled a wall down, they found a defunct rat nest. That's right- a rat nest. I asked, casually, "I would know if there was an active rat infestation, right?"

What's right about this mess of a house? It feels comfy. The light and air move through the house like they know their way around. The cupboards welcome investigation. The leaning walls seem solid and vigilant. The neglected, dark basement tries to be hospitable; it's even dry despite the various drainage issues. The bathroom was unforgivable.

The walls are paneled, and not with some water resistant,
fancy stuff. Then, they are painted puke gray and covered in wallpaper. I figure the wallpaper is fairly recent, as it is not all that moldy.

Then, Kelli came. She looked at this bathroom, her child cried at the thought of being bathed in it. I had decided to do nothing until spring when it would be tiled; Kelli thought it was time to take care of the atrocity.

We used two colors of paint that were left over to make a snappy orange that isn't overpowering. Jason was inspired to add some trim covering the gaping places in the paneling and the ceiling. We are putting in a sink. And, I think we have a much more pleasant six month solution. Come on spring!

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