Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I love company. I enjoy welcoming people into my home and feeding them and chatting around the table with them and watching their children dash around the yard. I do not mind washing the extra dishes or a twentieth load of laundry. I like the clatter of more feet, more voices, more everything.

Sometimes, I get a little tired from company. I remember that I am actually a very social introvert who needs a bit of time to myself. Company benefits me in that way, too; it helps recall me to my center after the outbreath of steady engagement. I can savor my solitude, turn off the music, hang up the phone, and listen to the crickets.

It seems that people need people without losing sight of their selves. I have been teaching the children that they must love themselves before they can truly love anyone else, and part of that love is self care and attention to our real needs. We cannot be pleasant and true without knowing our own internal constellation.

1 comment:

  1. Your last line opened my eyes.
    It made me see what's happened to me.
    I wish to turn around.
    Thank you.
    You have beautiful writing talent.