Thursday, October 20, 2011


Violet is so round and ripe looking. She's a little irritable, but still quite cow-like in her ponderous way. She has her winter coat and is all shiny and sleek and soft. The barn needs some prep work, but I feel much better prepared a week before this birth than I did a week before the last calf was born. I am a little concerned about having a calf this time of year, but the real cold won't hit for a couple of months. I know other people have calves this time of year, but it isn't ideal.

What I need to figure out is when to breed Violet back. I really liked not having to mess with milking while Jason has been so busy with catalog stuff. It has also been very nice having end of summer trips and things. Maybe we could plan for a September calf next time. Best laid plans..

I think one perk of farming is that there are often new babies.

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