Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Outdoor Hours 2 and 3

Last week, we looked at trees. Part of what we were doing was our art lesson, but I enjoyed hearing what my children had to say about trees. Each of them has a favorite- Ezra likes the big maple, Phaedra likes a birch grove, and Sylvie likes a particular beech tree near the back pasture. Each detested the assignment to draw their favorite tree. Another outdoor hour bites the dust.

Today, we just took a walk, I had another art assignment in mind, but I'm a little sick and more flexible for it. So, as we walked, we found deer tracks close to the orchard. They were easy to see in the open dirt left by the excavator that was here last week working on our new spring line. I started checking trees for the signs of deer browsing. I went immediately from lover of nature to neophyte orchardist pissed at Bambi.

The good news is the deer have thus far only been eating the crabapple trees. One must wonder how long that will last. Maybe I'll put up pretend electric fence.

Anyway, back to lover of nature: We found places in the golden rod and asters and fleabane where the deer had bedded down. And we looked at the places they had nibbled. Then, we came back inside and read a little about deer. The girls drew pictures, and Ezra just listened. Round three did go better.

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