Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just a funny Story

I was washing dishes the other day when Sylvie joined me. She told me about the adoption of her Chinese baby (doll). She told me how the baby's mother had four babies, but only liked one of them, so she gave the rest away (cringe!). She was going on and on when Ezra walked in and said, "Why didn't the mother quit having babies if she didn't want them?"

Sylvie said, "You can't just not have babies!"

I tried to quell the argument, because there are things my 11 year old knows that I'm not ready for my 6 year old to know. Ezra toned down what he was saying, but continued to insist that the mother could NOT have had a baby if she chose. I washed dishes with ears alert.

Then Sylvie shouted, "I know ONE way for a lady to not have babies!" My entire body tensed as thoughts raced through my head like, who taught my six year old about abstinence!

Then she said, "You just have to marry another woman!"

I relaxed. That's a good enough answer for now; I'll explain better to her later.

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