Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oh Company!

We had some lovely company this weekend. It was a college friend we had not seen since Ezra was a baby, and even then, it was such a brief visit. She arrived Friday and stayed through this morning.

The funny thing to me is how very easy it was. We have been cursorily in touch, but we slipped into a fluid comraderie. She dove right into our work as if she had never stopped chopping veggies with us a few times a week. She chatted with the children and claimed space when she needed it from the children or the dogs.

I just like having the sort of life that people can always join. I like that we have the room to move over at the table or put bedding on the couch or floor. I like knowing people who just step right in, and I like that the people I knew even long ago in college are the sort to do just that.

So, come on up! There's always room for more!

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