Friday, November 20, 2009

Knitting for Christmas

I have one pair of mittens underway that I am planning to felt.  The mittens I made last year just were not up to our weather, so I hope the felted ones are better.  I am making mittens, because Sylvie's hands seem impossible to find gloves that fit.  She has two pairs of fleece ones that get wet, and she has an array of water proof mittens and gloves that her little hands cannot operate.  So, maybe some felted wool mittens will do the trick.

I am knitting my first pair of socks for Phae.  I prefer to give gifts people need or can use.  The idea of giving someone another thing that they will just throw away turns my stomach.  She needs socks.  Sylvie and Ezra need mittens.  I cannot post what I am doing for Jason because he is able to read this.

I also have some sewing cued up for my family- robes, night gowns, pajamas, curtains.  I just don't know how much I'll finish by Christmas.

Jason and I do not actually give the children toys, usually, because they receive enough from other relatives.  It just seems like overload.  We think we could actually give them nothing, and it would not be noted.  There are always a couple of gifts that stick out for them, but everything else is lost in a haze of packages.  And, it's funny because I know they do not even open as many packages as most of their friends or even as many as I did when I was little.

That's why I like to give things I want them to have or that they need, especially homemade.  These are things they will think of in the months after Christmas as they slip into bed or slip on their boots, and they'll have a bit of my love to carry along.

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