Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Series post- What We Teach

This isn't to say "You should teach this." It is instead to reflect on what we actually are communicating and I invite you to comment and share what you think you're actually teaching, as well. So, before I start, I want to humbly acknowledge that I am teaching and failing to teach many things that I just do not see.

Today, Sylvie's math took more than TWO HOURS! We had a day like that last week, too. She is quite mathematically minded and has zero trouble understanding her math concepts. Today, she really needs to resist me. I mostly think you are not learning math in second grade when you spend two hours hammering away at it with your mother, but you're probably learning something just as important.

She learned, not for the first time, that I stick with things that are important and I expect her to do the same thing. She learned that I flat out will not believe that she cannot do math. She learned that sometimes a nice long hug in the middle of something challenging can help firm a person's resolve. She learned that baby talk and throwing herself on the floor will not save her from something I consider important. She learned that skipping work one day does not mean that the work goes away. And she got to feel that giddy feeling of finishing something she started.

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