Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Delightful Decadent Dissonance

I'll start by saying we do not decorate really until just before Christmas Eve and we take down the decorations two weeks later; it works better in our compact, busy house. And when we do decorate, we do not put up a million lights; we only light the tree. And even for that, I've considered switching to candles.

Still, there is something so very delightful about those houses, especially when it's only one here or there, that go all out on the outdoor decorations. There's this one along one of our regularly traveled routes that we have been watching since Thanksgiving, just waiting for them to put their lights out. They cover maybe 1/2 an acre with different lighted figures and things. As you swing around this one bend in the road, you can see a few, but the house is actually in a kind of hollow, so you only get the full effect very briefly at 50 mph. It's deliciously too much! It's so wasteful and wonderful!

I could tell all my rationalizing, but you'll have to work your own out. May you enjoy one or two excesses in this season!

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