Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Domestic Goddess

I was recently with another woman who has a completely different skill set from me, and I found myself comparing the two of us, and wondering whether I measured up. I like doing comparisons like this, because it helps me remember where I want to be, find a new way to go, or congratulate myself on what I'm doing. It also occasionally makes me feel like a failure.

The funny thing about this particular comparison is that it brought up thoughts I have regarding some of best friends as well. I started thinking that maybe I could only feel truly that I had become a domestic goddess when I regularly did almost everything each of these woman do. The list got pretty hilarious the longer I thought about it, and I encouraged my friends to chime in when they had something to add to the list.

So, here's my list; add your own items in the comment section if you feel I've overlooked something.

  1. Homeschool.
  2. Growing at least 50% of the food a family eats.
  3. A tidy, presentable house at all times.
  4. A bathroom your mother wouldn't mind using.
  5. Each child always  having a homemade item to don.
  6. Fresh, matching pajamas at bedtime for the children.
  7. A well brushed dog.
  8. A garden that's a delight to walk through.
  9. Chickens are a must.
  10. The chicken coop must be pristine- especially the nest boxes.
  11. The chickens must USE the nest boxes if you're really a domestic goddess.
  12. A pantry full of home canned and lactofermented goodness.
  13. Fresh baked something every day.
  14. Every meal must be a peaceful occasion. 
  15. No sandwiches- unless all sandwich items were lovingly prepared by you.
  16. Domestic goddesses do not have to own or shear sheep, but from roving to sweater, they must know the way.
  17. Each family member must have a sweater from your labors.
  18. Your yard must be beautiful.
  19. The children's rooms must be inviting.
  20. Daily mopping.
  21. Homemade yogurt.
  22. A happy spouse.
  23. An empty laundry room due to all the laundry being ever clean and put away.
  24. A calm answer to every child who ever makes any request.
  25. Always ready.

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