Thursday, September 27, 2012


The world at her feet.
Jason had a booth at Common Ground, so we all trekked to Maine in two cars and spent a pretty incredible week getting to know another family, seeing the fair for the first time, and just enjoying Maine in all its late summer glory. The problem is that I am terrible about taking pictures, and I get worse when I think I ought to. Still, here are the children enjoying a beach near where we spent the vacation part of our time in Maine.
The way the beach makes us feel.

Note that only one person has shoes on.

She is very good at finding treasures.

It was a blustery day for the beach.


Comfortable alone.
And I am back at my computer  almost a year since my last post. I have tossed this around and around in my head and my heart, and I've decided there are a few people who read this and feel connected to us, and that's important to me. Then, I regularly troll the internet when I'm having a problem that really deserves the advice of an elder that I do not seem to know. I lack the hubris to see myself as an "elder", but I can be completely frank about mistakes we have made that might help someone else.

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