Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why Worry

The leaves need raking.

I need leaves for the garden.

I need leaves for the compost.

Violet needs a corner wall in the barn.

The green house needs end walls. And plastic. And probably other things I’m not thinking of.

The chickens still are not laying.

The chickens would lay better with some artificial light.

The chickens are not in a place where we can easily/safely give them light.

There are places that need shingles.

Is the plywood beginning to warp beneath Ezra’s new window?

Nico has dug ten holes in the empty gardens.

The wire to protect the trees is lying in the field, not wrapped around the trees.

Six trees need wire.

The hole in the garden created by the drip from the rain gutter is still a hole.

There is a lot of construction debris around our shabby house making it look shabbier.

Some of the wood is still getting rained on.

Wet wood doesn’t heat that well.

Who can we get log lengths from?

Elmer needs to be brushed.

Sylvie’s nails need trimming. Ezra needs a science lesson. Phaedra needs me to listen to her report on Understood Betsy. Is Jason getting enough time?

And still, I’m glad to be here when I remember to notice where I am.

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