Monday, August 23, 2010


What are people thinking when they get eggs from one or two companies who send eggs to SEVENTEEN states? Do you think that those chickens are happy? Do you think there is any chance at all that the chickens are genuinely healthy? Do you think unhealthy chickens are going to lay healthy eggs all the time?

Chickens are easy to keep. Eggs are clean and sterile unless poorly handled. There is no reason for us to set ourselves up to fear our food. What do you need to do to secure your food?

I will continue to raise chickens and I will continue to pay a hefty sum for eggs when my chickens are not laying enough to meet our egg demands. Because I'm willing to do that, I can eat homemade mayonnaise and eggs over medium. I can stick my figure in cookie dough and cake batter and let the children lick the bowl. I will not blanch over any recipe that calls for a raw egg in the final product because I know the eggs I'm eating are not from some huge factory with hens stacked on top of each other so that the factory can then send eggs to seventeen states.

Do not let yourself be so far removed from your food source that you cannot know whether or not to trust it.

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