Monday, June 21, 2010

The sun is up early in summer

You might think that having a cow to milk would make one an early riser, but it's not so. Really, it's the sun that does it. Right around 4:00 each morning, I wake up and look around and wonder if I've overslept and aggravated the cow, Violet that is. I wonder how much longer I have to sleep. I look at the really beautiful morning light filtering through my blue curtain and in through the leaves in the living room. I doze, I wake, I doze. Finally, I go back to sleep and the dog, Nico, wakes me to climb into bed with us, and I check the time, and it's about 4:48.

I started setting an alarm, which is a bit of a trick, because I removed the alarm clock from our room recently. (I'll tell you later!) I decided to use the Ipod for one of its best features, which is the alarm setting. I thought if I set the alarm, I could quit being anxious about missing chore time and sleep better for the last hour of my night. But no. Now, I wake up and wait for the Ipod to go boing! I wait so long in fact that I have to get up, and while I'm up I check the time on the stove clock. It's about 4:23.

It might sound like I should just go ahead and get up with the sun, surrender to an obvious biorhythm, but then I want to go to sleep again right after breakfast. Today, I managed to make it through lunch, and then laid my head on the table, just like in school, and went right to sleep. It was a lovely nap.

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