Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Wishes for my children

Okay, so these are not really holiday wishes, but I feel a bit sappy and sentimental right now.

I hope my children do not identify themselves by some single characteristic- homosexual, conservative, dancer, programmer, christian, pro choice, etc.  I wish for them to know the texture life has to offer, that life is more like the dots in a Seurat painting than a single shade of green.

I hope they know many people who say, "There's a bit more to it," when they think they have figured out the "truth" of something.

I hope they cherish metaphor for its ability to get to the heart of something rather than a simple fact.

I hope they will make music, oblivious to detractors.  I hope they whistle, hum, bow, drum, sing, strum their ways through life.

I hope they learn that given a choice, they can still check for other options.

I hope they learn that the solution is always within them.

I hope they go to college only because that is what they want and I hope they go later rather than earlier (if at all).

I'm sure the list could go on forever, but most of all, I hope they find happiness.


  1. Hi Rachael,

    Would love to chat with you about homeschooling and rural living and picking up and leaving for a better view. Chris and I have found a house and a job (for him) in Lancaster, NH and wanted to know if you knew anything about the place. We know you're in VT, but don't know where, I was guessing while looking at place names on the map.

    Happy holidays!

    Tara (Kelli's)

  2. Tara- my reply to you is too long and personal for this space. Kelli is supposed to send me your email. Or, feel free to harass her and get mine or my phone number. We're in Hardwick, not too far from the New Hampshire border.